Amazing home fixtures for math whizzes

We’ve all been through the elementary math at school and I remember most of the guys with me simply hated all those calculations. Anyway, if you happen to be good at the subject and want to show your intellect to everyone, you would love to have these mathematical home fixtures. These home fixtures will help any math whiz create an arithmetic paradise inside you living space. Hit the jump to see them all.

• Math based lamp

Designed by Mingyu Jeung, the lamp gives a new definition to contemporary lighting. The lamp is actually some puzzle that has to be solved to turn the light on. Solve a randomly generated math problem or make use of the chalkboard to solve it and set on the light.

• Math wall clock

This clock is perfect for those nerds who love to rack their brains with mathematical equation. So, if you want to be perfect or your child to sum up the fast calculation, then this can definitely prove to an amazing addition on your walls. Made from metal, the clock features a series of equations and sums that will make sense to someone of a mathematical nature. The numbers are printed in white on a black background which creates a sophisticated, modern and precise feel to the clock. This unusual clock not only makes a great addition for your décor but also a decent time keeping apparatus.

• Equation bookshelf

The Equation bookshelf is a complete blend of trendy and functional furnishing for your house. The bookshelf looks great on walls and especially if you are a math geek. The shelving by Estúdio breeder is designed like a mathematical equation and thus follows the name. The symbols used are the parentheses, square brackets and curly brackets all symbolize order of precedence – working from the inner-most out. You can place you books or any accessory to fit according to your style. The shelves endow a perfect look to your dreary walls.

• Square root table

Now, how about this Square root table? Designed by Josh Tuminella, the table is made out of less than 10 individual. The 10 pieces includes walnut, aluminum, biscuits, glue, and 4 screws. Easy to repair, the furniture is truly elegant piece for your contemporary home. Make it a centerpiece of your home or a combination with other furniture, the table is an amazing addition for your home.

• Ceva tub

Ceva bathtub by Marco Tallarida draws its name from Italian mathematician ‘Giovanni Ceva’. Designed by Hugh Thomas, the name is rightly assigned as the tab draws inspiration from basic geometric shape. Though it’s a bathtub inspired by geometrical figures, yet it’s a fresh take on interior bathroom styling. Providing you with a superior ergonomic bathing posture while providing maximum water submersion, this innovatively designed cool bathtub ensures an idyllic bathing experience.

• Algorithm lighting

Algorithms have always been confusing for most of us. But, Algorithm lighting will definitely change you viewpoint on algorithms. The lights from Materialise, are part of his E-volution’ collection, which is an amazing piece of art. Beautiful and pleasing in appeal, the lights are perfect for your modern apartments.

• Geek clock

Watching time is no longer simple with Geek clocks. Geek clock is very unlike any other clock which though tells time but makes you work for it. The Geek Clock uses mathematical equations that equal the correct numbers. All the numerals have been replaced by the equivalent notation, if you can solve them all. For price money of $25, the clocks are geeky, trendy and brain racking.

• Keyboard number chair

Keyboard number chair is amazing piece of furniture for geeks who not only have passion for math but also for computers from Italian experts at Adrenalina.

The colorful chair, for its Shift collection, adds grace to any corner of the house with its keyboard look. The chair is multi-colored mishmosh of keyboard numbers that were randomly placed in this unusual seating design. The keyboard seats are comfortable and adds geeky look to home décor. It’s certainly colorful…and geeky.

• Paper table

To add to the list is this Paper table which is made from folded paper and covered by a sheet of glass. The Bas van der Veer Paper Table is a small coffee table with the base similar to a series of three-dimensional alpha-helices. The small paper modules are folded in such a way as to give the table base enough strength to support the glass and any small objects that might rest it.

• Geo side table

The table by West Elm looks like a computer mock-up which will defiantly be loved by geometry geeks and number nerds. The table is constructed of polished nickel and is balanced by the geometric intricacy of the base. Its thin metal top sits on top of a design consisting of attached thin metal bars that form an interesting appearance. The table makes an excellent centerpiece for your home and augments the living space with its elegance.

• Toolbox

If you find it difficult to arrange your daily stuff, then Toolbox is a good option for you. Again we are featuring Italian designers.

Designer Pietro Arosio for EmmeBi makes your work simpler. The Toolbox comes with numbers on these lovely drawer designs, making finding your stuff that much easier. You can relate numbers with different groups of things, making it easier for the whole family to keep the house neat and clutter free.

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