Mastering The DIY House Cleaning

A clean or dirty house is a reflection of its inhabitants; which would you pick to maintain? House cleaning has different aspects categorized into daily, weekly, and monthly chores. However, much of the cleaning is a daily task hence the need to master the Do-It-Yourself approach to having a spotlessly clean abode.

Most people dread house cleaning because they always do twice as much as they ought to or spending twice as much time working on cleaning their home. The secret to getting things right and doing the task within the shortest time possible is knowing where to start. For this, you need to have a plan that identifies the best place to begin, what you need to get the job done and how to undertake the tasks at hand.

Run An Organized Ship

Start with decluttering the rooms to reduce the amount of dirt and unwanted items laying around. In short, be organized; have labeled contains that help every family member know what goes where. Teach the kids the importance of staying organized, knowing where to keep their dirty laundry and cleaning after themselves once they are done playing with the toys or eating at the table.

Have A Cleaning Schedule

The program will guide you on the nature of the chores and what part of the house will require the most work. The plan will help you stay organized and prevent you from trying to overwork yourself. While cleaning is a daily task, something you cannot do everything in a day. Schedules days when you will declutter and organize the place, a day for general cleaning and one for deep cleaning.

Get Some Helping Hands

Your family, if they are big enough to handle some things, they can be extra hands helping you get things done. Most importantly, involving the family builds a sense of responsibility helping everyone acknowledge the need to keep the home neat and clean. Delegate cleaning duties so that each person knows what to do and appreciates what it takes to clean the house. Let the small ones handle simple chores, and the big kids take on the heavier duties.

Invest In Quality Cleaning Products

Your efforts to run a clean and organized ship can go only as far as the cleaning products and methods you use. The most important thing to keep in mind is the need to use efficient and eco-friendly house cleaning products and methods. Invest in cleaning aids that save you time and money. Having such aids at your disposal can ensure that you handle sudden mishaps such as spills immediately thus preventing them from stain surfaces.

Improve Your Cleaning Skills

Make sure you know how each house cleaning product is used to avoid making a mess of things. Keep in mind that how you clean the floors will not apply to the walls or how you handle the bathroom sink will not work for the kitchen sink. Also, know about the various materials and surface and the suitable cleaning technique to use on them. Your small kids should not handle any cleaning that involves the use of detergents, let them do chores such as wiping, sweeping, and dusting.

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If you grasp the cleaning tips above, then the other issue is the need to know how to handle the various rooms in the house. Below are some helpful tips:

For the kitchen – start with doing the dishes and then clean and wipe the countertops and stove with a cloth. After that, you can focus on the floors. The kitchen towels will be the last thing to handle once everything else in the kitchen is clean.

For the bathroom – ensure everything is its respective place before you start scrubbing and wiping the bathtub then the shower glass, and the curtains in that order. After that, work on the toilet bowl, scrub and clean it from the seat moving down to the rim. Once these are done, you can shift your focus on the mirror, shelves, walls, and floors in that order.

For the bedroom – spread the bedsheets and put away any clothes that are laying around, hang or fold them as suited. Put the dirty clothes in the laundry basket and take them to the laundry room for cleaning. If you are to do some vacuuming, open the windows before you start so that you air the room.

For the living room – pick any item laying around and put them in their respective places before you start to dust and vacuum the area. Start by dusting the furniture before you work on the walls and floors; vacuuming should follow suit, and then wipe whichever surface that requires such cleaning.

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