pyramid home2

If you want to survive an apocalyptic situation as in a tsunami and all then Korvelo is promising yoc complete safety with this pyramid home. According to site , “The pyramid will be the best structure to survive a massive flood or tsunami because it has living space as high as 40 feet above ground” The pyramid can’t be tipped over by a massive wave either. And, if built in conjunction with a bunker underneath, “it will be the ideal place to ride a 2012 scenario or the great tribulation of the Bible. It can survive an assault by a small-armed force, not to mention it being the ideal place to invite friends over to enjoy the wonderful force of nature in tornadoes and hurricanes in a place that is completely safe”. Not to forget, it is also a fire, weather and earthquake home. It sounds like a joke right? If we are to believe them, then this single house can do all that.

It has all the amenities of a modern house. As shown, it has five bedrooms and six bathrooms. Fourth and fifth floor includes balcony overlooking family room. The foundation, exterior walls and floors are all made in solid concrete and could also be made in steel. It has 3 garages, which are completely separated from each other. The house also has four cameras, four light covers and four remote control weapons. Its like a complete battle ground (as if the third world war had to be fought here).

Its angled sides give you an ideal opportunity to install solar panels. Windows will also have exterior solid shutters with security bars, or a louver type shutter, not needing security bars. “We have an exclusive electric powered louver window shutter that allows light to go through”. It will also protect you against intruders and bullets. Shutters will also automatically shut down, as the alarm goes off.

Korvelo also gives you the possibility to install bullet proof glass. Doors will be made of ¼ inch steel to the minimum. The pyramid could be built uncapped with a 3rd floor only to a height of approximately 34 feet with a balcony on top and a possible helipad. There are lot of things that I have missed, so kindly track back to indulge. I really don’t know, to believe or no, but it definitely sounds to be a great vision.