steampunk decor

Steampunk is not just a work of brass and watchpaper, but an approach to combine the past with the future. The use of steampunk-ish things in our house gives a new meaning to the interiors with the traditional feel. Here are few steampunk accessories for your home décor that takes the detritus of our contemporary civilization and remakes it into useful things.

• Spanish Steampunk Clock
spanish steampunk clock
The unique masterpiece is made by Gonzalo Álvarez. The clock gives an aesthetic appearance to your home décor and adorns your interiors with style. The peerless piece is an amalgamation of style with functionality.

• Steampunk Airship wall lamp
steampunk airship wall lamp
The inimitable Steampunk lamp is a remarkable piece of art. The lamp changes the color with the press of a button. The lamp features LED lighting that lights up a glass electron tube on top. Hang it on a wall or from the ceiling, the lamp adorns your interiors with style.

• Art Donovan’s New Wall lamp
art donovans new walll lamp
The lamp designed by Art Donovan lightens the vicinity of your house with elegance. The light makes use of material art for the gold mesh caging.

• Steampunk light switching plates
steampunk lightswitch plates
The amazing piece of light switch plates styles your interior with the new connotation. The unusual switch plate is a perfect piece for all those who seek for Steampunk interiors. The plates give a novel and trendy appeal to your décor with their elegant designs.

• Transparent clockwork steampunk desk
steampunk desk
Blending the art with functionality, the desk is an ideal piece of furniture for your house. The handmade table adorns your interiors with its unusual appearance and can be yours for just $21,000.

• Puhlmann nixie clock
puhlmann_nixie clock
The steampunk clock designed by designer Frank Clewits for Puhlmann is a worth appreciation. The retro-modern clock makes use of forward-facing Nixie vacuum tube that gives your home an artistic appeal. The cost of the clock is $343 USD.

• Steampunk table ware
steampunk salt and pepper top
The unique table ware is made from the pieces of metal and a small fire cracker size torch. Made by designer from Moscow, the tableware is a unique salt and pepper shaker that embellishes your table with style.

• Gothic glow steampunk lighting
Designed by Mr. Berman, the gothic glow light brightens your room with its elegant appearance. Made up of brass and wood, the light piece come are available in three sizes. To control the intensity of the lamp, there is a little skull knob.

• Elektra belle epoque coffee machine
elektrabelleepoquecoffeee machine
This coffee machine is a perfect appliance for the entire steampunk aficionado. The beautifully designed coffee machine gives your dreary kitchen a novel connotation.