recycled magazine decor

If you are planning to discard your old magazines, then stop and give it a second thought. The magazine which once kept you entertained and offered you a good company to utilize your time can be part of your home decor. Read, recycle and then reuse it. What an amazing way to keep those magazines close to you in different forms. Here are some of the ways you can utilize the old magazines to beautify your interiors.

• Revision table
revision magazine table
Made from recycled magazines and junk mail, the table takes inspiration from the group’s own award-winning “green” AFH EpiCenter, a LEED Platinum building which is the highest designation of the US Green Council. Designed by Boston-based art-group Artists for Humanity, the magazines are turned into a high-quality durable table which adds style to your décor.

• Recycle magazine mirror
recycled magazine mirror
Old magazines can be used around mirrors to give it a beautiful frame. The frame can be made by weaving recycled magazines together. This creates a unique look that makes good use of discarded goods and also creates some artistic appeal to your walls.

• Recycled Magazine Picture Frame
recycled magazine frame
Lending a helping hand in supporting the environment from the landfills, the frames made from recycled magazines give a sustainable addition to your house. The recycled photo frame is handcrafted in Indonesia and priced for $25.00, and each frame is unique in itself.

• Picture frame by Two fold
recycled magazine photo frame
Yet another picture frame by Two fold makes an efficient use of magazines. The colorful magazine frames are an amazing addition to your home to hold your photos, which makes for an attractive interior décor.

• Rolled paper wreath
rolled paper wreath
The roller paper wreath is stunning as well as fun modern art which gives a new meaning to old magazines. The magazines are wrapped around a pencil and given some beautiful form which can serve as a photo frame or as mirror frame. A beautiful way to utilize magazines!

• Eco chic large vase
eco chic vase
Now decorate flowers in an amazingly different vase. The eco chic vase is made from recycled magazines and costs $44.99. An elegant vase gives your shelves and tables a pleasing look.

• Magazine garbage basket
The magazine garbage basket
Post Garbage basket by Erez Mulai is made of magazine paper. The basket can be hold your accessories, newspaper or serve as a decorative piece for your living space.