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It never struck to my dull mind that the weirdness of ideas could be replicated in all things big and small. So, obviously barbecues are no big deal. When I actually saw some of the most unusual barbecue grills, I was stunned at what I saw. Gun, train and everything that I had ever seen had manifested in the barbecue grills. Now I realize, either I underestimated my imagination or I had none, and taking in consideration my bewilderment, I think second option is better suited. However, these weird designs are sure to add some more spice, sauce and fun to your next big party

1) Motorcycle Barbecue Pit
mobile barbecue pit
Better named mobile barbecue pit, Andrew Fischel took the services of American Chopper team to give it a shape. It is actually a cruiser motorcycle that has a smoker side car. And, what really adds to the weird factor is that despite having a grilling capability, the motorcycle is also fully functional.

2) Portable 30″ Smoker & Grill Trailer
portable smoker grill trailer
Portable 30″ Smoker & Grill Trailer comes with 108” long cooking chamber. Looking like a train, it is made of fully welded steel and heavy duty hinged lids.

3) BBQ Train
bbq train
BBQ Train from Farmer Grill is meant for both grilling and dining. It can serve to be the best attraction if you plan to throw a party.

4) Barbecue Under the Hood
barbecue under the hood
Need I say more about this creation, the picture says it all. Mean machine transformed into a mean grilling machine, I can already imagine the envious reactions of my neighbors.

5) Texas Six Shooter Grill
texas six shooter grill
Built by Joe Wood of Weimar, Texas, this 6 foot-11 barbecue pit was built in home metal shop. The barrel is 10 feet long and 8 inches in diameter with the entire rig over 15 feet long.

6) Dragon Barbecue
guardian of the feast
Named Guardian of the Feast, it is a combination of grill and smoker. It was first in the series of barbecues that would make any backyard cook time a fun time. It was sold for $65,000 at the Safari Club International 33rd Annual Hunters’ Convention.

7) VBQ / Car Grill
The Holden Monaro car was the sacrificial goat here, so that you could cook some meat in it. I must say, it is quite a neat idea for CarBQ.

8) Chevy V8 Grill
chevy v8 grill 2
This barbecue grill is made from Chevy V8 engine block. It looks nothing less than a little monster that has been finally unleashed.

9) Baby Carriage Pit
baby carriage pit
From David Klose, this baby carriage was found in countryside around Huston. It was give the shape of a BBQ pit after three weeks restoration.

10) HEMI-powered Grill
hemi powered grill
This grill comes with 345 horsepower, as it is a 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 engine powered Barbecue. Covered with more than 330 square , it can cook 240 HEMI dogs in three minutes.

11) Piglet Barbecue
piglet barbecue
From Joel Haas, this might be a little unusual but somehow falls in a kid-dish category, perhaps due to its color. It is priced at $1250.

12) Helios Grill
helios grill
Designed by Sean McGrevy, this BBQ grill makes the outdoor cooking more eco friendly, as it integrates the solar cooker methodology. Looking like some space station, it definitely makes a sci-fi statement that is brimming with smart features.

13) Muscle Car Barbecue Grill
muscle car bbq grill 1
Steve has designed this Muscle car BBQ by using car parts wherever he could. You can also install optional nitrous purge system with remote control. It has a 671 Blower on top with a power lid, LED lights, switches for some cooking in the night and CD/MP3 player with indoor/outdoor speakers and remote control. It either comes in charcoal or propane.

14) Lumos
Lumos by Harrie Leenders is not only a barbecue, but also an outdoor fireplace. All you have to do is tilt the flip down chimney and there you have it, a stylish barbecue. This one scores the points on its modular yet stylish design.

15) Motorhead Grill
motorhead grill
From Fab Grills, this odd looking BBQ seems all ready to hit the road. As described, it is great for racing enthusiast and barbecue lovers.